Antares 18T

With our 18 meter version, the Antares 18T, we are offering the perfect sailplane for ambitious cross country pilots, who like to compete in the 18 meter class. All factors concerning its performance are consequently configured for fast cross country flying.

Due to a hard-lined wing configuration for our 18 meter glider we were able to realize a perfectly balanced aerodynamic concept including an absolutely innovative wing layout, which reduces the induced drag down to its abstract minimum.

The Antares 18T’s three-stage water tank system, which consists of each separated wing and fuselage tanks, allows a wing loading up to 60,2 kg/m². Fully loaded you may still very well work even narrow and turbulent thermals.

An additional negative flap setting (–3°), especially designed to fly speeds beyond 200 km/h, was installed.

Thanks to all these parameters the Antares 18T may fly superior speeds at a very high gliding performance.

During extended flights in the Antares 18T’s comfortable and ergonomically thought-out safety cockpit, which provides smooth-running controls over the whole speed range, the pilot will never feel exhausted. The workplace can be optimally adjusted for pilots of almost any size.

In terms of safety the Antares concept sets new standards, too. It is for example outfitted with defined collapsible zones, a high-tensile survival space, a big spring mounted 5"-wheel equipped with a disk brake and shock absorbing elements in its suspension struts.

Due to a high component-identity between Antares 20E and Antares 18T (> 97% of all parts) the latter was already a well-proven and reliable design at the time of her bigger sister’s maiden flight.

If you want to learn more about our product, feel free to contact us for an appointment to visit our facilities and test-fly our Antares 18T.

Our Antares 18T in short words:

  • Superior gliding performance for fast cross countries
  • Sensitive, smooth-running controls and exceptional handling qualities
  • Most variable cockpit thanks to manifold individual adjustments
  • Highest safety, keeping the highest conenience
  • Sustainer engine with simple handling mechanism
  • Finally: A pretty elegant sailplane!